"i wish nickleback was playing"

Enemy Team Should Have done a Fnatic (AKA Camp a bush)

I played normal and it was pretty interesting. 

I was Playing support thresh with a Kog as ADC and we faced a Nami and Ezreal. 

Mid game was kinda even. we were ahead a little because we managed to secure some dragons and towers. but the game got to the point where we had all outer towers down and just farming their jungle 24/7. 

I noticed that the enemy Nami, at 40 min in, still had the yellow trinket and didn’t even upgrade it. having a sight stone and yellow trinket is a no no. 

If I was Nami and had a Syndra, Cho, Ezreal on my team I would have cleared one side on the jungle that the other team will likely to invade and place a pink ward in a brush and wait there. the amount of aoe cc the team has is OP. I can insta kill 2 people with Syndra ult and cho ult after landing stuns and knock ups. 

I just wrote this to remind myself, even tho i’m behind in a game doesn’t mean its over. plays can always be made. 

oh well.. GG 

I feel like Phreak!

I feel like Phreak!

So Someone posted something about Tax on reddit.